Privacy and Terms of Use

Please consult this page for information regarding how we will use the information you give to us in the process of placing an order, as well as our terms of use for this web site.

Privacy Policy

At CANKOOZIE.COM we know the value of personal privacy and approach the task of maintaining it very seriously. We will not under any normal circumstances (i.e unless required by law) intentionally provide any third party with personal information that you have entrusted us with. We do not maintain permanent records (in any format) of personal information that you submit to us through CANKOOZIE.COM, by email or by telephone. Any information collected will be used for the soul purpose of fulfilling your order(s) and or improving your personal experience at CANKOOZIE.COM. For your safety CANKOOZIE.COM employs industry-standard security technology, including 1024-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all e-commerce transactions. If you have any concerns, please Contact Us.

Terms of Use

By using the CANKOOZIE.COM web site and or any of its e-commerce systems ("CANKOOZIE.COM") you acknowledge your agreement to the following terms of service. Although CANKOOZIE.COM is committed to maintaining a high standard of security in its e-commerce systems and web servers, CANKOOZIE.COM cannot guarantee the security of information that is entered into forms or other fields on CANKOOZIE.COM. Spyware and other malicious software installed on your personal computer is capable of compromising the integrity of transactions between your web browser and any web site, including CANKOOZIE.COM, as such we cannot accept responsibility for data loss or subsequent use of lost data by malicious third parties. You can protect yourself against Spyware and other malicious sofware by installing an anti-virus software package.